I wish I could work in just one direction, but our world is too complex, fascinating, and varied to be captured in just one way.

Inspiration comes from everywhere: an experience, a randomly generated narrative, a shattered piece of wood, an interesting building, the shape of a wave. The world bombards my senses with more inspiration than I can ever hope to express.

Returning to my art after two decades, I have learned the strength of variety and versatility, whilst retaining craft. How something is created – its process, its craft – is as vital to the finished piece as its motivation and subject.

Drawing remains my primary focus. Its apparent limitations offer a purity and intimacy that brings artist and viewer closer in a way a painting rarely can.

My abstract paintings are an extension of my drawing, incorporating many of the base techniques of mark-making, form, and tone, but with a more expressive and open focus.

Continuing themes include solitude, isolation, and exclusion, particularly within - or reflecting the escape from - restless, bustling, cacophonous environments.

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